— victory in defeat.


          She had to keep from glancing towards his wounded shoulder and the missing limb that accompanied it as he mentioned still being in one piece. But, she supposed, it wasn’t the punishment squad that had been assigned to him that had done that.

          She fiercely hoped they wouldn’t do anything nearly as drastic as that.

          ”Yup. I got off relatively scot-free compared to you,” she joked lightly. “They probably knew there’d be Hell and back to pay if they tried any of this with me.” There still will be, she told herself. That squad better hope they never have the chance to meet her face to face or else she’ll have quite a few pretty words to fling their way.

          ”They didn’t say anything to me, but my Captain did speak to me for them.” Rangiku had expected at least a little more effort in the clearing of her name — but then again, Soul Society wasn’t renowned for caring about their soldiers that much.

          ”He said that they apologized for any trouble that they may have caused me and that they’re apparently ‘glad to know that their suspicions were unfounded’. I guess they really didn’t feel like losing another one of their top-ranking officers. Who would’ve thought?” Could her sarcasm be any drier?

          “What about you? Did they send you a card along with the punishment squad?”

        Oh. Right. ‘One piece’—yeah, probably not the best wording. He was still adjusting to it all, there was a particular numbness that overcame him—a silent defense—whenever thoughts strayed too far to the right. It was that or pain. Gin visibly pulled back with the newfound awareness and slight discomfort. How terribly awkward.

        “—ah, your cap’n seems so supportive,” the comment wasn’t meant to be vicious, but he knew better than to expect no feelings to get hurt in the process of calling her superior out on his lack of…presence in her life as of late. For all he knew.

        Was the Tenth Division captain making sure all was well with his supposed traitorous lieutenant, was he checking in on her, was he defending her loyalty since he received so much of it on a daily basis? Gin didn’t know what was going on outside of the walls of his confinement, so he had no reason to believe that Hitsugaya was running a campaign to clear Rangiku’s good name of all ill implications. Unless Rangiku informed him of something positive he leaned more towards the negative, and it was fairly easy to do so.

        “They can’t lose another soldier, huh? I guess that explains why they’re tryin’ to ‘salvage' me.” He replied bitterly, the stretch of his smile turning sickly with the emptiness akin to that of his stomach as well as the throb in his chest. It was incredible how he could feel so much pain in so many different ways; how was his body even capable of constructing such an elaborate and twisted torture? Unimaginable. And now the punishment squad was only adding another dimension to it all; submit or suffer.

        “——you could say that was on their card. No apology, though,” he chuckled dryly. “You really think they’d apologize for that?”


          And what makes you think I care?



        “What made ya think I was bein’ serious? Couldn’t ya tell? Aah, well, I guess sarcasm does escape a few people…”



          Your words mean absolutely n o t h i n g to me.


        ——oh my… I’m truly hurt~!”

     i’ll never let you down
                   even if i could
      i’d give up everything
        if only for your good
     so hold me when i’m
       & right me when i’m
      but i won’t always be
                                            so love me when i’m gone.

               everything  i am
          & everything in me
        wants to be the one
      you wanted me to be.

        What a tangled web we weave.

"notto disu shitto agen"

        outofsmiles. What I’d give to have heard at least a snippet of what Gin thinks about while listening to one of Aizen’s monologues. It’d probably consist of every curse word known to man and the amount of bitterness felt would be tangible.


there are approximately 1,013,913 words in the english language but i could never string any of them together to explain how much i want to hit you with a chair.

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8(( i'm like 200 yrs old

        “Oooooh? Really~? Y’look about 12 ta me.”

fear him who can destroy;


Fight him? Even though she’d never seen the true potential of Ichimaru’s zanpakuto—yes, she was going to fight him. No matter what, this was war. She was fighting for the Soul Society, the place he betrayed and was attempting to destroy. Rukia had decided a long time ago that she would protect souls around the world, she would give up her own for her comrades’ safety. Silently, she attempted to quell the small trembling still racking through her form, tightening her grip on her sword. It was difficult. Standing front of him, just feet away, was difficult.

Stop shaking. Stay strong.

The girl made sure to keep her gaze on him at all times, turning her right foot in his direction as he began to drift to her side. “You betrayed the Soul Society…” He hurt Nii-sama. “We are far from even, Ichimaru.”And he knew that. She was sure of it. A sharp breath left her at the sight of metal at his side, causing her to still herself and widen her stance. But there was denying it—she was still shaking. It was frustrating to know that he still had some sort of control over her, the fear that would never leave. In the end, this was what had be done, huh?

Facing her fear. 


His spiritual pressure was still baring down on her shoulders, thus locking her muscles into place. Cautiously, her lifted her chin. Brave? She paused at that word, eyes narrowing into a harsher glare, “It’s my job to stop you.” And from the way he drew closer and closer, there was obviously no way in stopping the outcome. There would be blood, there would be the clashing of their swords. “This…won’t end like last time, Ichimaru.”

You will not break my resolve.

        “Fair ‘nough—we ain’t even.” Smooth a silk, his voice drifted from the menacing undertones to quiet agreement. They weren’t even…not by a long shot. And while he nodded and shrugged his shoulders with whimsical weightlessness, the grin that tore at his features festered and grew all the more; what a pitiful sight she was, and he hard the words to   b r e a k   her even further at the tip of his lips.

        “….Or….maybe we are—I mean…you did betray Soul Society too, y’know. Ran off with that Kurosaki kid looooong before I left with cap’n Aizen. You gave your powers to a human, didn’t ya? Ain’t that a crime?”

        And he slithered along the edge of her comfort with a sinister smile and an unsettling aura to fire the finishing blow. The memories of Kaien, the victim to Rukia’s sword, who—before Gin’s admittance to the academy—held the record as the genius boy that graduated with swiftness never seen before…oh, how tragic. He wondered if it still bothered her that she had innocent blood on her hands.


        “——maybe you an’ I ain’t so different—you’ve killed someone too, after all…~”

        He let the turmoil begin with a predator’s patience; while she had many openings throughout their discussion thus far he still made no move to take advantage of such tremors in her stance until he found himself wanting to do so. No need to rush, no need to exert too much effort—he’d give her the time that she needed to compose herself (or try and fail to) before going for the kill.

        Clearly, she was trying ever so hard to face an opponent who clearly scared her—perhaps Gin would applaud her were he interested in handing out participation trophies. It’d matter little if she just got herself killed within the first second of their inevitable upcoming clash.

        “True, maybe it won’t end like last time at all. That’d mean we’d be walkin’ our separate ways after this’s all said an’ done.” There’d be no ease in parting ways for Rukia—just as before; the screams she let out that day were quite memorable, he’d be sure to replicate them if he found the time to do so in the midst of battle. Really, all it’d take for him to do so was the simple command to shoot, and Shinso would skewer her where she stood in an instant—a bullet of a blade. Tucked and hidden beneath the folds of his clothes, the blade’s point lazily lingered towards aiming at her heart————

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you wanna have a drink with me young fella

        “Ain’tcha a bit too young to be doin’ that sorta stuff, kid?”

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