She looked so frightened standing before two of Soul Society’s most infamous duo; it was enough to cause lips to curl just further into that far too kind smile that graced his expression from the time he’d been a Captain. Only he was unneeded in unsheathing his blade and it remained untouched at his side.

     ”If you’d like. Be nice — I’d hate to see her final moments be filled with such despair.”


For a long moment, she was frozen in place, unable to pull her sword from its sheathe and her muscles were locked, trembling even. She couldn’t take them alone, and with his spiritual pressure, she was well aware she didn’t stand a chance. 

The only thing left to do was escape. And that’s exactly what she did a breath later—shunpo was used in an attempt to get as far away as possible.

        A fleeting and whimsical thought of piercing through her retreating form made itself known for only a second, as she was still within range. The end result; Shinso lowered, idle, by its master’s side, and Gin faked a frown. No need to exert himself over a coward that clearly wanted nothing to do with them. Oh well.

        “Awww, there she goes—an’ o’course I was gonna be nice. It ain’t my fault she got so worked up.”

[8:27:30 PM] ɢιɴ: the great thing about shinso is even if byakuya did that whole /STANDS IN FRONT OF U TO PROTECT U move gin can just. stab through him and stab rukia too
[8:27:42 PM] ɢιɴ: a kuchiki kabob




     ”It certainly mustn’t be that hard. You’ve done so on more than just one occasion, Gin. But I can’t help but wonder… Is the how so much more important than the why?


She would not give them any words—her reaction was enough, it seemed. Slowly, one trembling hand placed itself on the hilt of her zanpakuto.


        Shinso made itself known with practiced grace. Gin was ever ready to heed to the command ‘kill her, Gin’ as those words were still pending from the last time Aizen uttered them. Her brother was no longer present to stay Gin’s fang, either—

        “Want me to take care’o this one, cap’n?”

[7:34:14 PM] тωιηкєαυχ: gin lets terrorize rukia together
[7:34:18 PM] ɢιɴ: YESSIR
[7:35:33 PM] ɢιɴ: i’m gonna jump onto your post with her
[7:35:38 PM] ɢιɴ: is that ok
[7:35:43 PM] тωιηкєαυχ: yes do it




     ”Don’t look so frightened, Kuchiki-fukutaicho.”



        “Looks like you got’er all tongue-tied, cap’n Aizen… How sad~!”

azur--panthere asked ;  
I love your Gin ohhhhhh man do I love your gin. IN ADDITION TO THAT, I LOVE THE GINRAN. It fuels needs I didn't even realize I had but I am honestly so happy to see such a difficult (in the sense of pulling it off) ship done flawlessly. You're always ic and sound like Gin even when it's crack. So keep it up c:

        I want  h o n e s t  opinions about how I portray my character. If there’s a constructive criticism, I’d like to read it. If you’re too shy to say it, you can tell it with the anon on. 

        truth. YoooOOOOOOOO THANK YOU SO MUCH. I really worry about doing shippy things because I don’t want to water Gin down and make him some big cuddly bear. But I also know that he’d never be overly cruel (knowingly, at least) to the extent of abuse or psychological shit with her because he really values her happiness and wanted to murder the guy that made her cry so yEAH. It’s a challenge and I’m glad my work’s showing. Thanks!

nixalba asked ;  

        I want  h o n e s t  opinions about how I portray my character. If there’s a constructive criticism, I’d like to read it. If you’re too shy to say it, you can tell it with the anon on. 

        truth. I’M HELLA EXCITED THOUGH YOUR RUKIA IS ONE OF THE FIRST ‘ENEMIES’ TO ACTUALLY REACT PROPERLY TO GIN TBH HE’S CREEPY AS FUCK. I also really want to kill her is that okay can I traumatize her or kill her or leave a life-changing injury or something and then make Ichigo hella mad and have Gin mess with him too and just oh I missed beING ACTUALLY EVIL AND I’M GLAD IT’S NOT MAKING YOU WANNA DROP THE THREAD GOD BLESS YOU.

        truth. I love that everyone is getting excited about that opinion meme—but please keep in mind that it’s common courtesy to send something to someone rather than just reblog the meme from them. Pay it forward, that way everyone gets ample feedback!

· truth.
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absolutely disgusting. no sljdghjdg YOU'RE THE BEST AIZEN 8)))) actually tho I really really love your Gin. I'm a possessive ass and I'm always like '//sheds a tear that's my gin'. I'm trying to think of something negative to say but??????????????????? there is none your gin is very well rounded in being an ass and not being an ass so youve gone v good.

        I want  h o n e s t  opinions about how I portray my character. If there’s a constructive criticism, I’d like to read it. If you’re too shy to say it, you can tell it with the anon on. 

        truth. Well you could say I really pour myself into my writing /wink wonk.

rxngiku asked ;  
Honestly? I really, really love your Gin. And I know this is taboo to say nowadays on Tumblr and really always has been in general -- but I do see you as the best. You /understand/ him better than anyone I've ever seen and you always know when to tone it down or to raMP IT RIGHT UP JUST. ADORABLE FLUFFY GIN TO VICIOUS, GRINNING KILLER IN AN INSTANT AND I LOVE IT. You just get him so spot on all the time and I never, ever get tired of reading how you write him because it's always so PERFECT --

rxngiku said:
He’s my all-time favorite character thanks to you. You’ve ruined me. I take it all back I hATE YOU.

        I want  h o n e s t  opinions about how I portray my character. If there’s a constructive criticism, I’d like to read it. If you’re too shy to say it, you can tell it with the anon on. 


I want  h o n e s t  opinions about how I portray my character. If there’s a constructive criticism, I’d like to read it. If you’re too shy to say it, you can tell it with the anon on. 

— victory in defeat.


          He was ignoring her now. God, sometimes she wanted to smack him upside the head. And if it weren’t for the other Shinigami in the room watching her every move, she would have.

          Her gaze followed his to the window, noticing the bird that had caught his attention so easily. Rangiku said nothing about it however, and instead let out a sigh and placed her hands on her hips.

          ”Oh, I hope they do. I’ll be back tomorrow to give you another one, so look forward to it.”

          She looked towards her supervisor and gave a small nod, signalling that she was ready to go. His letter was still stashed between her breasts, and it appeared that they had gotten away with it. Besides, even if they didn’t, Rangiku would love to see one of these jerks try and stuff their hand into her boobs, because they’d definitely be saying goodbye to it less than a second later.

          After leaving the cell and going through the usual task of having Haineko handed back to her, she exited the Fourth Division rather slowly. The lieutenant was attempting to decide whether it was worth it or not to go and visit Hinamori. Wouldn’t it be a bad idea? The girl was getting stronger each day, sure, but she was still unstable due to everything that had happened to her thanks to Aizen. Going to visit her when she herself was in such a shaky state of her own might not be the best thing for the Fifth Division’s lieutenant.

          She sighed, running her fingers through her hair in subdued agitation. It’ll get easier. They’ll realize soon enough that I’m not a possible traitor. Just 1 month. It’ll be over before you know it.

          …Yeah, right. But even so, she raised her chin a little higher due to her self-administered pep-talk. She was a strong woman, that was for sure. This wouldn’t be what would break her. It was hard, but she could do it. She’d survived several near death experiences — some cold shoulders and aggravating smiling idiots were not going to be her downfall.

          Upon reaching the familiar door of her home, she smiled. Time for her usual relaxing bath and then she could sit down and read his reply and write up her own to give to him tomorrow. She glanced towards the Shinigami tasked with watching over her and gave him a similar nod to the one she’d given him back at the Fourth. He returned it easily. He’d remain outside her home for a little while longer, she supposed; to make sure she wasn’t going to sneak out under the cover of nightfall and head back to break Gin out of prison all on her own.

          It was kind of flattering how dangerous they thought she was, honestly. They weren’t that far off the mark. She was a force to be reckoned with and she took great pride in that.

          A while later, after drying her hair and getting in her nightgown, she finally allowed herself to slowly unfold the crinkled paper that held the words she’d been looking forward to reading all day. She hoped that he had actually written something and hadn’t just handed it back to her in fear of being caught with it. Her stomach sank a little at that — what if there really was nothing?

          Yet her fears were unwarranted, because as she scanned the front of the page and then the back, she discovered the words that he’d written.

        PS: 私はこのペンを使用して懲役から脱出するつもりだった。でも今、私はあなたではないように私に言ったわけではないからです

          Short and to the point — but she understood why. Even if she didn’t, the many errors and mistakes and overly shakiness of his writing would be enough of a hint for her to figure it out. The fact that he had to write his reply without the guards noticing probably hadn’t helped, either.

          Of course she knew it was risky, but what wasn’t nowadays? Besides, there was no way she was going to go into his cell day in and day out and do nothing but insult him. It did nothing good for either of their moods.

          Her eyes rolled at his added bit of sarcasm at the end. She hadn’t just picked up her paranoia off the ground when it came to him and pointed/sharp objects. She’d underestimated him too many times lately, so nothing was going to slip under her radar anymore. She couldn’t afford it.

          All in all, his reply wasn’t a direct one to her letter, but she knew that he’d read it and understood. Whether he wanted to actually acknowledge that anytime soon would be up to him. But at least she’d gotten her point across — and with that out of the way, they could actually have some semblance of a conversation through these letters.

          With that in mind, she grabbed her pen and began to write.

        Another visit ended, and time ticked by. Gin had long since established the relationship he held with any members of the Fourth Division the day that he chose to throttle Hanataro for getting too touchy with his wounds. That being said, he couldn’t exactly choke anyone else given the higher security and added cuff around his wrist—but the feelings were still there and he made full displays just to prove it. Not many dwelled for too long.

        Often he took to ignoring them whenever they came in to check on him, providing a freezing cold shoulder whenever they approached him, an unresponsive aura, and rare deathly glares sealed with sliver-tipped lids that kept them from pursuing further interactions. Gin kept this behavior up until the time that they left. Never once did he find himself at a loss, never once did the Fourth Division member stay beyond what they could handle from him—which wasn’t much—and never once did Gin lower his guard or let them do as they pleased without a fight.

        However, today was different—he could tell right away as a woman marched her way right up to his bed with an offering of food. It was bland; she hadn’t prepared something incredibly exotic to wave in his face, of course. But was far more than what a traitor to the Soul Society deserved—of this he was sure.

        “Let’s get you off that IV, yes? You look so dreary!”

        She reminded him of Rangiku in that her patience, gentleness, and desire to help were by no means a sign that she was weak—rather, if he dared challenge her Gin had a hunch that he’d certainly be met with fire. Such a flame was easy to counter with equally destructive forces if he was given the chance.

        The real danger was releasing him from his restraints—so even eating seemed to be something he wasn’t allowed to do without supervision. But the Fourth Division seemed adamant on giving him something that resembled dignity, so he was allowed a brief moment of freedom to eat. The cuff was unlocked, and he was allowed to feed himself. This was, of course, not an opportune moment to strike either—his freedom was exchanged for privacy. As the restraints slackened, a guard took its place.

        If he found a way to make a plate murder six people by the time the guard could reach back to stab down with his spear, Gin wouldn’t have been sitting idly by within confinement for over two months now.

        Not a bite vanished from the food given to him. Some sort of plain fish for protein, he supposed. Soft and easy to eat given his starved state. He didn’t look at it for too long—his willpower was strong, sure, but he wasn’t about to test it by having a staring contest with his could-be dinner. The woman shifted impatiently to his right, and Gin did his best to ignore her as well.

        “It isn’t going to eat itself, you know.”

        No, it wasn’t. A statement not worth thinking about any further as it was so clearly not thought out by the speaker either.

        Gin turned his full attention to the window, all the while fiddling with the two wooden sticks near his hand for the sake of making her think he’d actually do something. Some form of entertainment; he could make her look a fool for anticipating something for nothing and perhaps she’d not come back for a second round. That’s how it usually went.

        The chopsticks provided were brittle, hardly weaponizable. That, and he found that he couldn’t quite work them like he used to—using simple utensils seemed to be beyond his ability at the moment. Every move he made with his left hand reminded him of the IV planted firmly within his forearm, and the slight tug at every shifting gesture prompted him to instead keep still to avoid the sensation entirely. This time around he didn’t pick the chopsticks up at all. He’d rather avoid the humiliation of even trying.

        Part of him was relieved over the fact that Rangiku’s letter happened to get removed from him before this Fourth Division member decided to come and work with him. It surely would have been discovered midst the shifting of supplies and so on had it not been stashed away by the Tenth Division lieutenant during her visit.

        What would they do to him if they found it? What would they do to her?

        They couldn’t exactly punish him further—as soon as he was brought away from needing life pumped into him via an IV they intended to inflict pain until his lesson was learned. Not much else they could do. Rangiku, however, would most likely earn the brand of traitor for sneaking in such a note and the contents alone were enough to confirm their suspicions that she gave a damn about someone she shouldn’t. They’d likely lock her up too, for ‘safe measure’, and that’d be the end of it. What an unfavorable end.

        “It’ll get cold at this rate—”

        Oh for fucks sake—he didn’t give a shit about the god damn food. Gin did his best to become the embodiment of that single thought of indifference in an attempt to convey just how much he didn’t care about her trying to get him to eat. It seemed to work with her because a few minutes of silence later and the woman sighed and turned to leave. She took the plate and set it at his bedside table, as if he would abruptly have a craving for cold fish later—and the guard beside him quickly restrained his wrist in silence.

        Gin didn’t tear his gaze from the window for the remainder of his time awake; day turned into night, and still he looked. This was beginning to feel a lot like personal penance rather than punishment controlled by an outside party. Hours passed in silence and Gin slowly sank into bed for some semblance of rest as the sky grew light once more.

        Sleep had only just began to reach him when the sound of footsteps echoed about the corridor towards his cell—and Gin regained awareness quickly and took to straightening his slumped form to greet his honored guest.



     ”No, certainly not… Since you’ve been so careful around them in the past, I can’t imagine you’d risk making a mess of things.”

        “———t̡̹̻͈̹͉̦̫͚̟͍̣̮͙̳̭̪̭͍̉̌̄̒̆̉̀̅̿̉̿̈́̔̈̉̐̀̃́͘̕͜͜͜͝a̡̧̺͉͈̰̜͙̩͇͇͔̬̞̫͔̞̟͔͓͋͆̌̂́́̏̓̈̅̊̔̑̋͂̐̾͆͘̚͠͝ͅͅl̨̧̧̛̖̺̰̭̙̥̣̘͙̼̞̥̪̤̺̙̳̝̃̋͗̔͋̋̅̈͛̔̌͆̓͋̇͑͛͊͌̎͜͝l̡̢̳̭̤̣̣͔̱̣̞̭̲̦̙̥͉͕͕̺̖͈̂͑͂͒̈́͐̏̈́͆̉̓̉̔̀̈́̂̾̀̆̒̚͠ỵ̨̮̥̘̠̝̦̜̩͎̹̹̖͉͖̺̪̲̥̮͆͆̂̀̄͗͆͆͊͊́́͛̋̑̈̎̅̽̕͝͝ͅ ̢̧͍̥̱̙̝̦̼̪͈͉͎̳̯̤̭̤͈̣̹́́͑̏̀̎̄̂͐͆͐́̌̍̓͒͌̒̀͌̆̅ͅh̡̝̲̮̜̩͔̥̗͔̯̙͎̦̭̙̱͓͈͚̞͕̓̑̍̆̄̌̾͂̇͛̀͒͋̈́̔̽̔͒̂̚̚̚o̡̮̝̥̘̝̙̙̫͈̺̩͉͍̜̱̰̥̭̳̗̓̓̐̓̍̄͒̄͌͋͑̅͛͗̎̽͌̇͋͒̑͗ͅ.̧̛̯̠̪̠̜̙̙̘̻͉̥̠̤̠͉̹̲̺͉̉̓̔͋͛͐̇̃̓̃̅͋͋̍͐̂̇̓̚͝͝ͅͅ”



     ”Good afternoon, Gin. I suppose you don’t have any plans to torment the Arrancar today..?”


        “Me? Oh, I’d never. They all got such short fuses, after all. Wouldn’t wanna make a mess'o things.”

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