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But I failed. In the end…I couldn’t get back what was taken from you, Rangiku. Ah, I’m glad. I’m glad I said sorry.

aizen sōsuke: lessons in god modding and all-round arseholery → never underestimate the effectiveness of well-delivered and cruelly insightful philosophy

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Jennifer A. Nielsen, The Shadow Throne

        truth. Is it a requirement for anon hate to have at least one typo in it, though? To use you’re/your incorrectly or something—it must be some sort of unwritten rule for anyone that sinks low enough to send hate.

        I guess it makes sense, though. The only people stupid enough to make those kinds of mistakes are the kinds that send hate.

is gin bitter because santa never gave presents to rangiku

        New goal:  DESTROY    SANTA.

he’s santa! big red suit, red hat, fat belly, eats cookies and milk? delivers presents to all the good boys and girls?

        “….sounds like a swell guy—I think.”

cambixn asked ;  
What does Santa say when he goes fox hunting? Tally hohoho!

        “What’s a santa? An’ why’s he goin’ fox huntin’? Dunno how I feel ‘bout that…”


          She almost resisted the urge to roll her eyes at how childish he was acting, but she did it anyway. No matter how much she’d try to deny it to herself and to others, it was pretty adorable.


          ”If you start making people pay for them, I better get a free pass every time.”

          Rangiku wasn’t known as someone that eagerly paid for everything. On the contrary, she did all that she could to convince others to dish out the money for her. Although she usually did pay them back somehow, like taking them out for some dinner and sake (which they’d also pay for, but that’s beside the point).

          “But I don’t think you’d get very many customers, seeing as I’m basically the only person that ever benefits from your little ‘pep-talks’. Everyone else just thinks you’re trying to subtly insult them.”

        “O’course you wouldn’t haveta pay.”

        It was safe to say that Rangiku ran his wallet dry whenever it came to treating her to…just about anything. But Gin had no issue with it—he wasn’t materialistic, he never found the solace that Rangiku felt in her purchases or by indulging herself in drink. Money mattered little to him, so he happily provided it when he could.

        And he was allowed to, for once, given that money was yet another temporary service he could give and give without his footprints remaining for too long, as the coins always ran out, they never stuck——

        He kept nearly none for himself. Gin figured that’s what growing up with nothing did to a person—they either found themselves needing nothing or found themselves comforted by the constants.

        It wasn’t a bad thing, either—what she did. Swindling some good-for-nothing’s of their money because they didn’t know where her eyes were was perfectly okay in Gin’s book. A safe and friendly form of justice, he supposed. Better than him using Shinso to teach them a lesson, by far.


        “Maybe I am insultin’ them—some people’re jus’ too easy to insult, y’can’t not do it.” He circled around her as he walked, treading backwards in some cases to maintain a happy face towards her at all times. Perhaps Isshin’s apparent betrayal was pushed to the back of her mind now that Gin had her occupied with his antics.

fear him who can destroy;



Gradually, Rukia’s expression melted into something softer. It was a clear attempt to rid of the fear on her expression—but with Gin, she was sure it was easy for him to read it in his eyes. This thought made her slide one foot backwards, one hand reaching down to grasp a firm hold of her zanpakuto. All the while, her gaze didn’t leave the traitor, nor did her tense posture relax. Out of reflex, she finally managed to choke out, “Ichimaru-taich—…” But soon cut herself off, teeth clenching.

Still, there were so many thoughts racing through her head. After all, this was Ichimaru-taichou; the person who was able to break her resolve was just a few words. And that smile. It made her feel like something was squeezing on her throat, forcing her words down. Immediately, she tensed when he stepped towards her—closer, closer, closer.

Don’t…” She swallowed, steeling her expression, “Don’t speak to me so familiarly.” 

        The traitor’s fangs were not yet bared, as Shinso lay nestled beneath folds of black-lined white, not yet posed to strike. He was a patient predator, after all, if his ambitions for Aizen’s life and the steps he currently was taking towards that goal had anything to say on the matter.

        He ventured nearer still, testing her tenacity with a quiet tap of his approaching footsteps. The gap between them remained, however, as he never came within a sword’s length of her. She was, of course, not immune to his range unless she wished to begin running for 9 miles straight in any direction—he wondered how fast her fear could make her travel if she knew that his blade could reach her long before the sound of scraping metal along a wooden seal in his zanpaktou’s unsheathing could grace her ears.

        Well, no need to go overboard. He’d be nice. Gin would even give her a head start if she so wished to flee.


        Captain, eh? He caught that. What a destructive mistake. While it seemed that she finally got his title correct and meant no disrespect—it came a little too late. He wasn’t a captain anymore.

        “Aah, right, right, my bad. I guess we’re even now, eh, Kuchiki?”

Anonymous asked ;  
Hi gin. I used ti have a really huge crush on you.

        “Aw… ‘used to’~?”

[12:08:53 PM] тωιηкєαυχ: I HAVE SIX MONTHS TO FIND A JOB
[12:08:59 PM] ɢιɴ: YOU CAN DO IT
[12:09:20 PM] ɢιɴ: I BELIEVE
[12:10:40 PM] ɢιɴ: 


[12:11:38 PM] тωιηкєαυχ: fuiCK
[12:12:05 PM] ɢιɴ: i knew i wanted to use that gif but i didn’t know where/how to find it
[12:12:10 PM] ɢιɴ: so i typed in motivational lawn mower
[12:12:12 PM] ɢιɴ: and i found it
[12:12:24 PM] тωιηкєαυχ: IM LAU HGING



        truth. NooO THEY LEFT—

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